State v. Smart

Smart and 11 other clients were charged with illegal possession of voting ballots and interference with a voter (The Quitman 12). Smart faced 33 felony counts, Attorneys Simmons, King, and Walker successfully won two mistrials in favor of Smart. A third trial is set for 8/2014.


State v. Andega

Simmons Law is pleased to announce that the charges of fraud and possession of marijuana were dropped against our client before the case was indicted.


State v. Payne

Simmons Law client charges of battery, and disruption of a public place were dropped in lieu of a mediation agreement.


State v. Hubert

Client was charged with a hit and run, at the hearing Simmons Law was able to get the charges dropped due to insufficient evidence that Mr. Hubert was involved in a hit and run.


Brown v. First Data

Simmons Law successfully resolved a contract dispute case in favor of our client.   Ms. Brown was released from the ambiguous contract and received a refund for services.

State v. Thornton

Client was charged with battery.  With no prior record, Ms. Thornton successfully completed a pretrial diversion program and the charges were dismissed.


Strong v. Gomez

Our client hired Gomez Construction for home renovations; the company did not complete the work nor return the funds that our client paid.  Simmons Law successfully won the bench trial in favor of our client.


State v. Richardson

Charged with sale of marijuana and intent to distribute, our client was able to accept a conditional discharge of the offenses after completing the States requirements.  As a result, after completion, our client remains successful in college, and does not have a criminal record.


GA Dept. of Human Services v. Justice

Our client was charged with intentional violation of the food stamp program.  In the hearing, Simmons Law was successful in proving that Ms. Justice did not violate the program, and the department’s allegation of fraud was made in error.